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Stop Wasting Time! RFP Templates Create Great Looking Sales Proposals

Posted by Stacey Gerred on Feb 9, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Let’s face it, sometimes working with Microsoft Word is challenging. Especially when you have to edit an RFP or sales proposal document once again for formatting irregularities! 

It isn’t easy when you have a variety of fonts and paragraph spaces in your document. It’s frustrating when you paste a bullet list into another document, and the bullet icon and spacing change unexpectedly! Or, in your document, an important table jumps to the next page, leaving vast amounts of silly-looking white space at the bottom of the previous page. There are some days that old IBM Selectric typewriter looks real good!

Don’t Let Microsoft Control Your Brand

Well, before you go old school on your proposals, let’s understand why we sometimes long for the golden age of typewriters.

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